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Building a better community with stronger community care.


In contrast to the grim prognosis faced by many of the nation’s critical access hospitals, the Golden Plains Community Hospital heads to the future with confidence, thriving as a model of fiscal fitness, financial health, and extraordinary service. And that means exceptional comfort and better health for Borger residents.

A strategic partnership ensuring powerful financial strength. The hospital’s excellent fiscal fitness is the result of intelligent planning and partnership that began in 2007 when the Dallas-based Critical Access HealthCare, LLC, purchased the hospital. CAH is a leading provider of healthcare solutions, and the powerful partnership between the Hutchinson County Hospital District and CAH ensured the very best benefits of privatization. While CAH assumed operational responsibilities for the hospital, the district remained responsible for assessing taxes and funding indigent care.

The benefits of this collaboration became apparent quickly with the 2011 opening of the new state-of-the-art 25-bed facility, owned by the district and financed by USDA revenue bonds.

Today, Golden Plains is a regional healthcare hub, providing the comprehensive care of respected healthcare practitioners working in superbly equipped settings that include two surgical suites, an endoscopy suite, seven obstetrical beds, three ICU beds, and a level IV ER/trauma center. From same-day surgery to cutting-edge diagnostic service such as MRI, 64-slice CT scanning, digital mammography, and fluoroscopy, Borger’s healthcare community is ready to provide a full spectrum of excellent care right here. And that includes the services of specialists—the Borger Specialty Clinic offers general surgery, obstetrics, internal medicine, and orthopedics.

Also, less than hour away, Amarillo is home to leading hospitals including BSA Hospital, Northwest Texas Hospital, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and the Harrington Cancer Center. The top-ranked BSA healthcare system offers the region’s first Level III Neonatal Intensive Care unit, and Golden Plains’ rooftop helipad ensures transport to BSA in minutes.

With great care here at home and just minutes away, we’re building a healthier, stronger community—and a better place to build your business—in Borger.


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