Borger, Texas | Build it in Borger. | 806-521-0027
The Borger Economic Development Corporation | 1111 Penn St. Borger, TX 79007 | 806-521-0027
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Location and Contacts

Location and Contacts

Phone: (806) 521-0027
Borger, Inc., the Borger Economic Development Corporation

P.O. Box 1157

108 E. 6th Street

Borger, TX 79007


Katie (Vance) Lingor

Executive Director
Direct: 806-521-1283   

Michelle L. Gray

Economic Development Assistant

Direct: 806-521-0027


Current Board Members (Left to Right): Scott Mills (Vice-President), Nick Vinson (Secretary-Treasurer), Lisa A. Jones, Michelle Griffin, Jesse Shuffield (President)


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Built in Borger: Bargain Boutique

April 9, 2021

Borger, Inc. is honored to feature our BUILT IN BORGER business of the month for April 2021 as BARGAIN BOUTIQUE, a...

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Built in Borger: Auld Brewing Company

February 2, 2021

Borger, Inc. is pleased to announce AULD BREWING COMPANY as our BUILT IN BORGER business for the month of February 2021. ...

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Built in Borger: Brooks Training & Testing

October 7, 2020

Built in Borger: Brooks training & testing services, llc Growing a safety business and surviving a global pandemic with...

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