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Everything's bigger in Texas, including the variety of climates.

We get asked a lot about our climate in Texas. The thing is, Texas is a pretty big state. In fact, we're the largest in landmass of the continental 48 states at 268,597 square miles (that's over 100,000 square miles larger than California, who is 2nd in the 48). So, with all of that area, the climate varies pretty widely. In the Texas Panhandle, we enjoy a moderate climate and get to experience all four seasons every year. We don't get a lot of humidity, so those hot summer days feel a lot less hot than the more humid southern parts of Texas.

If you'd like to experience warm summers, cool & crisp falls, winters with a chance of snow, and green spring, then Borger is a great place to do so.

Average temperature 59° F
Hottest Month Average High July 94° F
Coldest Month Average Low January 37° F
Annual Rainfall 21”
Days between frosts 166


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