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Wildcatter’s Bowling & Entertainment to re-open in June with help from the Borger EDC and City

Wildcatter’s Bowling & Entertainment to re-open in June with help from the Borger EDC and City

June 1, 2018


Publishers note: Wildcatter’s previously announced they expected to re-open on May 23rd. The opening has been moved to June.

Wildcatter’s Bowling & Entertainment to re-open in June with help from the Borger EDC and City

Wildcatter’s Bowling & Entertainment plans to re-open its doors in June 2018 and will once again offer bowling, arcade entertainment, and dining to Borger and its surrounding communities.

The newly renovated bowling facility, which was previously owned by Praefectus, LLC and closed in June 2016, will include 20 bowling lanes, arcade games with reloadable token cards, and a restaurant. Wildcatter’s will have a full liquor license and serve food such as burgers, sandwiches, and premium steaks. In the coming months, RNN Hotels also plans to add go-karts and a track to the entertainment center, provided the addition of a go-kart track is not a condition to the incentive package.

The Wildcatter’s facility was purchased by RNN Hotels LLC earlier this year after City Council approved an incentive package between the Borger EDC, the City of Borger, and RNN Hotels. The incentive package includes an agreement with the City of Borger for sales and property tax abatements and a loan from the Borger EDC with a forgiveness opportunity, provided at least 10 full-time jobs are created and maintained. In exchange for the incentives, RNN Hotels is also required to have Wildcatter’s open at least 6 days per week for the next seven years, continue to own and operate the bowling facility during that same time period, and invest at least $500,000 in building improvements in addition to the purchase price of the facility. Under the incentive agreements, the maximum amount RNN Hotels can receive is $410,000, paid over a five year period; however, the final amount the business receives will depend on its taxable sales, the assessed property value of the business, and the number of jobs the business creates and maintains. If the business does not maintain at least ten full-time jobs, it risks losing all incentives and a repayment obligation may be triggered for some of the amounts received.

RNN Hotels, LLC operates hotels and restaurants and is owned and operated by Subhir H. Patel, a Borger resident who is no stranger to hospitality and customer service. Patel also operates the Borger Ambassador Inn, Best Western, Holiday Inn Express, and Bennigans in Borger. His companies operate hotels and restaurants in Childress, Denver City, Lubbock, Perryton, and Seminole, TX as well as Guymon, OK.  “Investing in Borger is investing in my home. I would love to see this town prosper and grow. Having a family of my own, I understand the importance of building our community. With all our properties we strive for greatness. There will always be challenges, but we continuously work to reach solutions and learn. I would like to thank the Borger residents as we celebrate our 8th year at Bennigans and for the opportunity to serve them at Wildcatter’s”. Patel also said that without the incentives from the Borger EDC and City of Borger, he would not have been able to consider purchasing the facility or making the improvements needed to re-open the beloved entertainment center.

“Tourism and entertainment are important pieces of economic development.” said Katie Lingor, Executive Director of the Borger EDC; “Wildcatter’s will provide entertainment to the residents of Borger and will also draw visitors from surrounding cities. We’re shifting to a community-oriented economic development strategy. This only works when you have business owners like Mr. Patel who will join you and invest locally. Thankfully, we have several corporations and small businesses in Borger passionate about reinvesting in our community.”

“We saw an opportunity to incentivize a great quality of life project. We listened to our citizens and their concerns about there not being enough activities for people or kids to do in Borger. In our conversation about this project, the City Council knew that this would be a great one to help with,” said Mayor Bubba Dickson.

Wildcatter’s is located at 1501 S. Main St. in Borger.

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