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Utilities & Natural Resources

Utilities & Natural Resources

Build it for less, with abundant water, natural gas, and electricity.


Borger's ample and affordable utilities have helped ensure the ongoing success of industry for over 90 years.

City Utilities: Our State-rated Superior Public Water System treats over 3 billion gallons of clean water per year, with 2 billion of that sold directly to industry. Our waste water system is equally as impressive with a capacity of 1.7 MGD. Access to five different wells, as well as the option to purchase additional water from Lake Meredith, gives Borger access to an abundant supply of water.

Electricity: Xcel Energy keeps our global industry engine running with low-cost electricity sourced right here in the Texas Panhandle. Xcel is now the #1 nation-wide producer of wind energy and is the 3rd lowest cost electricity provider in the State of Texas. From renewable and green energy initiatives to traditional power plants fueled by natural gas found just below our surface, we boast infinite energy.

Natural Gas: It's no secret that Texas leads the nation in oil & gas production. The Borger area contains wells rich in casinghead gas, and several gas gatherers operate facilities in the area to transport this valuable resource for further refining. Utility gas is supplied to end-users in Borger by Texas Gas Service.

With a thriving global industry presence already established in Borger, it's no surprise that our natural resources, utility service and infrastructure are all second to none.

Electric Provider

Xcel Energy

Water Source

Underground Wells & Lake Meredith

Water Maximum Gallons Per Day


Water Peak Load Maximum Gallons Per Day


Sewer Type


Sewer Maximum Gallons Per Day


Solid Waste Disposal


Natural Gas Providers

Texas Gas Service

Telephone Providers

Cable One, AT&T

Cable Provider

Cable One


Cable One

Fiber optic

Cable One

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