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Incentives and Programs

Incentives and Programs

We'll invest with you to Build it in Borger.


The Borger Economic Development Corporation provides financial incentives to industries within the community, the state, and to businesses nationwide seeking expansion to this outstanding community. All incentive offers are evaluated on their own merits and are subject to approval by the Borger Economic Development Board of Directors and, in certain instances, the Borger City Council. Approval is contingent upon the feasibility of the project, capital investment, job creation, and overall benefit to the community.

Loan Program
This program is targeted toward existing businesses for financial, land, buildings, and equipment. On a case-by-case basis the Borger EDC will consider loans to companies that are expanding their employee base or locating to Borger.

Types of Businesses Eligible for Grants or Loans

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Distribution
  • Regional Wholesaling
  • Service (relating to manufacturing, industrial, distribution and wholesaling)
  • Technology Firms
  • Many others

Example of Types of Projects Eligible for Funds

  • Acquisition or construction of business facilities for lease or ownership.
  • Improvements to facilities that are leased to companies.
  • Loans to companies for equipment purchases.
  • Loans to companies for purchase of land.
  • Grants to companies for technology development.
  • Extension of utilities, roads, and rail service to industrial parks, sites, and buildings.
  • Many others.


Chapter 380 Agreements

  • Businesses that are building a new facility or completing significant building renovations may be eligible for a Chapter 380 tax abatement. Eligible abatements may include:
    • Sales tax abatements
    • Ad valorem tax abatements


Small Business Incentive Program

The Small Business Incentive Program is a reimbursement grant available to owners of small businesses in Borger. The purpose of the program is to encourage reinvestment into commercial property in Borger and assist small business owners with their growth plans to retain the business and its employees in Borger.


  • The business must be open a minimum of 30 hours per week and be operating in or relocating to a facility located in commercial zoning in order to be considered.
  • Businesses must have 20 or less full-time employees to apply for this program.
  • Business must be located within Borger’s city limits.
  • Eligible projects include facade, structural, or interior improvements; or lease subsidies for businesses re-locating to the Central Business District, and certain technology or marketing expenses.
  • The Borger EDC will not back-fund projects; businesses must receive their approval from the Borger EDC before the project begins to be eligible for reimbursement.


Favorable Taxes

Borger boasts several tax-savings Programs.

Tax Abatement 

Yes: 380 Agreements

Economic Development Sales Tax

Yes: Type A Corporation with Additions

Enterprise Zone

YesTwo (2) in Borger

Foreign Trade Zone

Yes: Subzone 165A

Other Economic Stimulants

Tax exemption on inventory in transit; customized local job training facility; low natural gas & electricity rates; daily rail switching;

Freeport Exemption


Opportunity Zone



For information regarding incentives or a possible relocation of a business to Borger, contact:

Borger Economic Development Corporation
Katie Lingor, Executive Director
1111 Penn St
Borger, TX 79007
Phone: (806) 521-0027


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